27 Jun

Zurück in die Zukunft: Angewandte Science Fiction zur Alltagsbewältigung (Frau Q.)

« Frau Q., was haben Sie sich überlegt, um unsere Marktführung auszubauen? »

Für das bessere Verständnis der Leser_innen soll hier kurz ausgeführt werden, wofür Frau Q. in ihrer Firma zuständig ist. Sie kennen vielleicht das Problem, wenn es in den Sommermonaten stechend heiß wird: Der Sonnenball glüht am Firmament und jede kleine, verzweifelte Pore ihres Körpers versucht durch Schweißabsonderung etwas Abkühlung herbeizuführen. In Frau Q.’s Firma wurde ein transparenter, leichtgewichtiger Kühlakku für den Oberkörper entwickelt, der Read More

23 Jun

The Things One Learns in Life

My parents once told me, soon you will have a little sister.
I said
I don’t believe you, prove it
So they bought a cot, baby-proofed the fridge, the toilet, bought a mobile, toys, diapers.
Came home one day with a noisy bundle that took up far too much space in my life.
And I learnt what it was to make room for another.
And I was skeptical no more. Read More

10 Mai


Your great-grandfather had sailed to England in 1874. He had never intended to stay, and returned to India after six formative years of medical training. His mother had collapsed with relief when she saw him, having conjured up images of his life unchained – an English wife, an affected accent, the intoxicating allure of the freedom and excesses of the west. But he was an Indian through-and-through, a loyal son and later, dutiful husband and father. He spoke fondly of his time there, recounting his experience of rarefied collegiate life, his adventures in London, youthful escapades that would titillate his children and grandchildren. Read More

10 Mai

Mëmëdheu (Andon Zako Çajupi)

Andon Zako Çajupi

Mëmëdhe quhetë toka
ku më ka rënurë koka
ku kam dashur mëm‘e atë
ku më njeh dhe gur‘ i thatë
ku kam pasurë shtëpinë
ku kam njohur perëndinë
stërgjyshët ku kanë qënë
dhe varret q‘i kanë vënë
ku jam rritur me thërrime
ku kam folur gjuhën time
ku kam fis e ku kam farë
ku kam qeshur, ku kam qarë
ku rroj me gas e me shpres
ku kam dëshirë të vdes


Übersetzung: Harun Roci

Mutterland heisst die Erde
wo ich zur Welt gekommen bin
wo ich geliebt habe Mutter und Vater
wo mich kennt auch der trockene Stein
wo ich mein Haus hatte
wo ich Gott kannte
wo die Urväter waren
und die Gräber, die sie gruben
wo ich aufgewachsen bin mit Krume
wo ich gesprochen habe meine Sprache
wo ich Geschwister habe und wo auch Wurzel
wo ich lachte, wo ich weinte
wo ich mit Freude und Hoffnung lebe
wo ich mir wünsche zu sterben


(gelesen am LitUp! Irrlicht Heimat?)

10 Mai

Coming Home. (Fay Slimm)

Home is within the Self.
All voyage brings us there.
To be aware of welcome
We would have been sharing
Our love. Now departing
From distant shores we find
New ways toward the start
For home. Loth to leave behind
Adventure, yet singing
Of eternity, we find
Balance which joy in Self brings.
Homecoming then feels fine.

– Fay Slimm

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16 Nov




Pink explosion

Zurückhaltendes Kaminrot

Geheimniskrämerisches Blassrosa

Ungezähmtes Blutrot

Abdankendes Dunkelrot

Naives Kanariengelb

Stumpfes Orangebraun

Du fragst: Bist du passiv-aggressiv?

Ich antworte: Jetzt schon.

Tiefes knalliges Wildrot

Schrumpeliges fahles Altbraun

Kannst du mich hören? Ich kann dich nicht verstehen.

Funktioniert es jetzt? Kannst du mich jetzt hören?

Ich kann dich nur sehen, aber nicht hören.

Lass es uns noch einmal versuchen.

Sabrina Nepozitek

03 Okt

Output LitÄpp Cortona Week 2016

I’ve been here already. just five minutes and three posts before. But the story is always changing. Whenever one is set back to an earlier input, there’s another output. Another answer to a previous asked question. So know, where’s the difference to time. A tree in a forest. A something due to other somethings | Because it can. | Because you can. You know. |

There is no Instructions – only despair | /text | Generics do not always work. | Better use fortune telling cards to predict whether they go to Phase II |

What is your spirit animal? | cat | said the actress to the doctor… | We need more feminism | But losing masculinity would be a pity. | This is a clear statement! | polarized light hurts my molecules | Read More