Attempts on Narration (2015)

(un)kreative Schreibwerkstatt auf der Cortona Week von ETH Zürich und ZHdK im September 2015.

Die Workshopausschreibung:

Playing language between observation, reproduction, and critical reflection

Language is a space where we relate to our surrounding. Storytelling and poetry have a wide range of meaning in our lives. And so, telling and narrating are ways to walk through this space of language, trails in its landscape, a place we all inhabit, but are rarely aware of. They are possibilities to discover the unknown as well as to rediscover the known – to observe in the progress, to reproduce and to critically reflect on the voices inside and around of us.

Our attempt is to collectively experiment with language, textual material, and offbeat writing techniques to find individual access to a poetic and narrative expression.

We want to search for own words and metaphors while questioning the obvious, the self-evident, as well as our own views and opinions.

To participate in this workshop, you don’t need to bring anything but nothing but everything but curiosity for literal and poetic reproduction. Bring along your favourite writing tool.