23 Jun

The Things One Learns in Life

My parents once told me, soon you will have a little sister.
I said
I don’t believe you, prove it
So they bought a cot, baby-proofed the fridge, the toilet, bought a mobile, toys, diapers.
Came home one day with a noisy bundle that took up far too much space in my life.
And I learnt what it was to make room for another.
And I was skeptical no more. Read More

10 Mai


Your great-grandfather had sailed to England in 1874. He had never intended to stay, and returned to India after six formative years of medical training. His mother had collapsed with relief when she saw him, having conjured up images of his life unchained – an English wife, an affected accent, the intoxicating allure of the freedom and excesses of the west. But he was an Indian through-and-through, a loyal son and later, dutiful husband and father. He spoke fondly of his time there, recounting his experience of rarefied collegiate life, his adventures in London, youthful escapades that would titillate his children and grandchildren. Read More