03 Okt

Output LitÄpp Cortona Week 2016

I’ve been here already. just five minutes and three posts before. But the story is always changing. Whenever one is set back to an earlier input, there’s another output. Another answer to a previous asked question. So know, where’s the difference to time. A tree in a forest. A something due to other somethings | Because it can. | Because you can. You know. |

There is no Instructions – only despair | /text | Generics do not always work. | Better use fortune telling cards to predict whether they go to Phase II |

What is your spirit animal? | cat | said the actress to the doctor… | We need more feminism | But losing masculinity would be a pity. | This is a clear statement! | polarized light hurts my molecules |

What is your spirit animal? | cat | dogs poop everywhere. but thats okay if you have a bag with you | k | l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. a b c d e f g h i j | And the foundations of lambda claculus were laid. Sofia thought it might well be the language of the future, but she did not realize how much impact it would have. | Sofia was right. It was the language of the future. The language of the future was a silent mute. All the words together, every by itself was without sound, without an image. Still, the words stayed there, where they have been. Floating from the rivers into an ocean of sense. Deep was the ocean and dark was it in the deep waters. And so Sofia started surfing on the notions of everything. And nothing. Suddenly she met with the animals of the ocean. All the fishes, the tiger-sharks and the whales. And the dolphins indeed. That’s so cliché, Sofia thought. The animals were not even seen, although they were. And so, she kept on Surfing on the waves of nonsense. After a little while the language of the future vanished, the lambda claculus stayed empty and the algorithms paused in the ocean of senseless meaning. And muted sounds. | too banal. |

Before getting to know each other, is before getting to know each other. | Und eine Rose bleibt eine Rose, ja? | Die Frage stellt sich mir nur dann, wenn die Rose vorhat sich zu verändern ;) | stupid question eine rose ist eine rose ist eine rose | A question per se is never stupid. A question is brilliant … always … because a person shows interest in an unknown topic and this act is fantastic. If this person is than confronted with «stupid question» it can push the person in a situation where this person never wants to ask another question. Thus, the answer «stupid question» is the most awful way. | Ask me if… | we had a good dinner in town |

There is no Instructions – only despair | the disparity between happiness and anxiety is structure
| and structuralism is like smoking paper without tobacco. | and functionalism is like smoking tobacco without paper. | but with a filter |

There is no Instructions – only despair | It’s time for an other person to tip some letters and put something into this computer | I totally agree, what do you think about the waste of plastic cups around this place? | its amazing how much plastic we can waste in a day, i think if the plastic is recycled then it is okay | — the question is, whether ok is ok. | play the piano |

There is no Instructions – only despair | /text | Generics do not always work. | Sometimes being open minded is would be more beneficial than beeing negative. | Monday night, artificial light, standing together in poetry. M2 threatens to go to bed, walking of. S3 recites Thomas B: «Nein, nicht gehen, wollen bleiben – Wie die Winde wehen, wollen wir treiben.» M2 turns back. F1 pushes M2 to tell the story of his life. M2 falls silent. There is some noise from G2 and S2 trying to carry M1 off into the garden, labelled as «touchy». F1 invites the three to join: «Stories, stories!» M2 asks: «Who was going to tell a story?» Rumours are out that it was M2. S2 introduces a game, using a smartphone as brain-enhancement to count the seconds (60): «Tell your life in one minutes!» They take turns: nobody is telling more than G1. Preisgebend. G1 cowering on the ground the others around, standing, F1 and later S3 going down to meet G1’s altitude. A few seconds before: S3 trying to poke S2 for 1 minute because S2 doesn’t want to tell a story x-self, being the time keeper. Purpose and attitude. Sometimes being open minded is…. would be more beneficial than being negative. | I agree. |

coffee | is needed. Whatever the real needs might be. We ask for something… | that enlightens our mind. Something that changes our perspective to one that makes the impossible seem possible. To reach this goal we … | learn to ask the right questions. |

coffee | is needed. Whatever the real needs might be. We ask for something… | but we know that the Universe does not work like that, since there is no free lunch and something comes in exchange of something. «Quid pro quo», said the ambassador. | too inntelectual!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!! ALL MEXICANS MUST BUILD A WALL AND GO!11!!!!!! | Wall, Go, Wall,m |

There is no Instructions – only despair | «The spear¨s mere presence caused structions: de-, in- (as mentioned above), but also con-. Question being: What’s the spear of Cortona Week´s inner structure, it’s certain core of existence?», the eldest paused and uttered a meaningful moan, «mooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhh-i» | k | love me, or love me not, I do not know what to write but this TOSHIBA computer is driving me nuts.. so I will postpone my writings, until this guy, which I have have not even spoken spoken too, is looking at my text. Oh now I know his name, I think he realised it at some point, that it him I was talking about, his name is Til, oh Til with a double ll, so Till. Hi Till | Till the end of the week, some things might have clarified. Others will become more complex. Others vanish. The future is always ahead, or in other terms behind, of us. Therefore life always ends. In every moment. | Though when future and past become one the end might as well be the beginning. | The end is near, the day is young, so maybe time to be pessimistic enough to change the world | finance-capitalism is not the end of history, rather, it’s story is coming to an end. yeah, enough change, rupture, or troubled times to act upon society. let’s do it…. ok…. lets discuss first…. ok….. what do we want…… hmmmm….. yes yes no. no. yes no no. yes yes yes. no….. wait. wait a moment. it seems like the populists have been faster, we can watch the freshly moulded changes cool down, freeze into steel, lose all maleability, leaning right, over the abyss, some sedimentary rocks begin shifting, sliding, crashing minorities, those most vulnerable. we massage our red eyes as the brown dust settles. There is nothing we can do, but the landslide opened some previously hidden layers of memorable rocks. past becomes accessible to present. | we dig deeper and deeper but do not find anything of significance. Our hands begin to hurt, blisters are showing up, but we keep digging. the whole we dig becomes deeper and deeper, it gets darker. can we still reach the edge? | Marx would be angry about your misinterpretation of his notions o class, history, revolution and ideology. Please try again: |

What is your spirit animal? | cat | the most disturbing animal out there. | pingiun |


[Excerpt from the collective LitÄpp @ Cortona Week 2016]